The Club's venue is off the Gold Coast Highway at the Police station on 1st Avenue, Palm Beach (250 meters straight down to the park / lake / venue).
Alternatively, take exit 92 off the M1 motorway - from either direction.
Our sailing venue is not noted for easy sailing at times due to lakeside development and the trees having become a bit higher over the years.
It can be quite "tricky" when sailing here if the weather is not from the south, but that is all part of sailing we believe - a lot of sailing skills can be gained by sailing here.
If you are able to sail well here then you should become a very good competitive sailor -  able to do well at any regatta around the clubs\country\world.



Club Facilities


The Club has ample parking, BBQ facilities, a large children's playground with toilets on location.


Snack and coffee shops are close by also (circa. 50 meters).


Launching is from a dedicated ramp and pontoon and caters to all class's of boats being IOM, 10R or RM, with ease.


The Club has a storage shed and electric driven rescue boat.








Sailing Frequency

The Club sails throughout the year every Wednesday and Saturday from around 1000hrs (QLD Time). The only exception being Xmas and New Years day should they fall on our normal days.


Generally, we can easily get some 8+ races each day for each of the IOM and 10R\RM fleets, these being the main class's we sail here.


The scratch and\or handicap racing events are determined on the day.

Since recent times, we now have a handicap racing day on the 1st Wednesday of the month - this has proved to be quite a popular event.


We believe that RC sailing is a combination of wits, common sense and courtesy towards others with a sense of humour at all times!

The "bottom line" is that RC Sailing is meant to be FUN!